Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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iPhone Application That Can Work As A Pulse Oximeter

There are a number of iPhone applications available in the market. Some of the iPhone applications are similar with reference to utility while there are others that differ a lot. The applications are usually developed to make easy the hectic life schedules and keeping in touch with everything that is going on around. Applications for games, weather, business processes, entertainment, and sports have become quite common. The application that you find useful can be easily downloaded on your iPhone device through the Appstore.

IPhone applications are now being developed for monitoring the health of the patients, sick, those who have already been cured of any diseases or as a precautionary measure too. The iPhone application developers now want to incorporate the Pulse Oximeter into the iPhone device as an application.

Now what is the Pulse Oximeter and what are its functions?

A Pulse Oximeter is medical equipment that is used for monitoring the health of the subject especially the respiratory and cardiac conditions. This device is very useful because a lot of the medical procedures and steps taken by the doctor directly depend on the result generated by the Pulse Oximeter.

How does the Pulse Oximeter work?

There is a socket in this device wherein the subject has to place his/her finger. Within seconds the Pulse Oximeter displays the oxygen levels and the pulse rate of the subject.

How will the Pulse Oximeter iPhone application work?

The working of the Pulse Oximeter iPhone application will be based on equipping the device with an infrared light that is made incident and made to pass through the finger. This light will pass through the skin of the finger and revert with the details of the oxygen level in the blood and the pulse rate.


  1. It really does! Definitely not a gimmick. Great for checking your resting heart rate in the mornings.This fingertip pulse oximeter is intended for spot check of blood oxygen saturation level at home, in sport and recreational use, such as mountain climbing, high-altitude activities and running.

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