Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Find Out Who Has Blocked You on

1 Consider the alternatives. The steps below will outline some scenarios where it's likely that you've been blocked, but there's no guarantee. If your alleged blocker has been temporarily blocked for violating Facebook policies, this could be a reason you're not able to see them. It could also be that the person has deactivated or deleted their account altogether.

2 Note whether you've received a message from this person lately. If you are blocked, they will not receive your messages at all. So, if a person does respond to a message you sent, you are not blocked. If they don't respond, you may or may not be blocked. Either they aren't receiving your messages because they've blocked you, or they're just ignoring your messages. Continue with your investigation.

Search for the person while you are logged in. If you can find them, then you can rest assured that you haven't been blocked. (When someone blocks you, it prevents you from finding them on Facebook.) If you can't find them, it may be that you are blocked, or it may be that they have their privacy settings adjusted so they can't be found.

3 Don't bother searching for this person while logged into a different account. If you find them through that account and not through yours, it could be for a variety of reasons:

If the account you're using isn't friends, or a friend of a friend of that person, and you use a standard search, it's just like searching for them while logged out, which is discussed in the next step. Note: If the account you are using isn't friends, or a friend of a friend of that person and you don't find them, you might still find them by looking through the list of friends of known friends of them. If you do find them this way while using a totally unrelated.................

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Fashion Trends For Year 2012-2013

What do the new trends for the 2012/13 season look like? Which colours, which fabrics, which processings of particular relevance?

Take a first look at the four trend topics: Color Riot, Dark Lux, Craft Industry and Split Clarity,

Color Riot - Color in Revolt:

In 'Color Riot', dynamic, thrumming shades of color appear in a new context - fresh, bold and vivid. And there are no limits on the interaction with light. High-gloss materials, colored laminations, superimpose'd, fluid and flexible fabrics underscore the brilliance of monochrome colors. New are, for example, 'optical fibers, iridescent effects and recycled materials.

Decisive for the effect are the quality, wear resistance and longevity of the high-grade materials. When it comes to patterns, the trend experts expect, for example, broad stripes, all-over geometric patterns and graphic motifs. The computer world is- represented by digital designs, photographic prints and hologram effects. Despite the playful urge to experiment, the unexpected looks appear clear and unequivocal.

Dark Lux The beauty of the night:

The shadows of the night create a dark, mystical and elegant color series dominated by deep black, which is particularly expressive on lustrous materials. Rounding off the color world are dark, colored accents - pepped up by metallic champagne and gold. Rubberized, liquid looks and glossy surfaces interact with furs and long-haired, smooth....

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